Gokul selected Mercury News player of the year

Gokul Kalyanasundaram is selected the Mercury News boys player of the year.  Read the Mercury News article here.

Good job Gokul!… read more

9 of 11 Varsity teams advance into CCS this season

What a great 2016 Spring Season.  9 of 11 Varsity teams advance into CCS this season!  Please congratulate the following student-athletes:

3rd Place in El Camino Division
JV: 5th Place in El Camino Division

Shangyu Hsu and Primo Mu advanced to League Finals in Singles.
Kenneth Huang and Matthew Wu competed as Doubles in League Finals.

Gokul Kalyamasundaram advanced to CCS and took 1st Place as a Singles players! He also went to the Inaugural Nor-Cal Regional Championships and took 2nd Place!!

8th Place in De Anza Division (7th Place after League Playoffs)
F/S: 6th Place in De Anza Division

(B) Varsity: 4th Place in De Anza Division
      F/S: 1st Place in De Anza Division
(G) Varsity: 5th Place in De Anza Division
      JV: 4th Place in De Anza Division

The Mustangs sent 6 qualifiers to this year’s 2016 CCS Diving Championship.

The boys division had 33 competitors with the Mustangs filling out 4 of these slots. Congratulations to the following boys:
Dalton Miner – 9th place
David Truong – 20th place
Bryce Leone – 22nd place
Adrian Nakic- 27th place

The girls division had 38 competitors with the Mustangs filling 2 of these slots.  Congratulations to the following girls:
Anna Dupin – 28th place
Julia Clark – 37th place

(B) Varsity (only): 3rd Place in the De Anza Division

(G) Varsity (only): 5th Place in … read more

Both teams win against Fremont

Today, Homestead High School’s badminton team played their season opener against Fremont.
HHS varsity won 20–10. HHS JV won 12–3.… read more

2014-2015 Badminton Season Recap

Posted 5/10/15

· 5/7—Varsity lost to Milpitas 3-27. JV lost 4-11.

Posted 5/6/15

· 5/5—Varsity defeated Santa Clara 23-7. JV lost 6-9.

Posted 5/2/15

· 4/30—Varsity lost to Wilcox 10-20. JV lost 3-12.

Posted 4/30/15

· 4/28—Varsity defeated Fremont 18-12. JV defeated Fremont 10-5.

Posted 4/24/15

· 4/22– The team played against Milpitas High School. Varsity lost 14-16, and JV lost 3-12.

Posted 4/9/15

· 4/9—Milpitas match postponed till Wed April 22.

· 4/7—Varsity defeated Santa Clara 22-8. JV won 12-2.

Posted 4/4/15

· 4/2—Varsity lost to Wilcox 3 – 27. JV lost 2 – 13.

Posted 4/1/15

· 3/31—Varsity defeated Fremont 16-14. JV won 10-5.

Posted 3/25/15

· 3/24—Varsity lost to Mountain View 13 – 17. JV lost to Mountain View 4 – 11

Posted 3/4/15

· 3/3—Varsity defeated Valley Christian High School 27-3… read more