Varsity lose to Los Gatos 2-5

The varsity girls tennis team lost the last match of the season  2-5 in league play.
Great play by Christine Yu and Preeti Kulkarni at # 2 doubles winning 6-1 6-3.
The team finished up with 10 wins and 10 loses for the year.
Next week is the SCVAL league finals.… read more

JV defeated Los Gatos 4-3

The JV Girls tennis team finished the season on a high note with a 4-3 victory over Los Gatos and claimed second place in league with a 10-2 record, and 16-2 overall.

Down a set, Asaka Higuchi made a great comeback and won the deciding match with a 10-7 tie breaker at #2 singles.

Congratulations to Kary Wang and Alex Pavel for finishing the season undefeated at #1 doubles.

Thanks for a fantastic season.… read more

Varsity lose to Saratoga 1-6 in league play

Tough day for the varsity girls losing to Saratoga 1-6.  

Great job by Zoe Clydesdale-Eberle winning at #1 singles 6-2 6-4.  read more

JV loses a tough match to Saratoga 3-4

The JV Girls tennis team played a touch match against the first place team in league, but came up short with a 3-4 defeat to Saratoga.

Helen Wang continues her winning streak by winning 6-4 6-4 at #1 singles.

Kary Wang and Alex Pavel also continue their winning streak by winning 6-1 6-3 at #1 doubles.

Great come back win by Tiffany Yuan and Genevee Ho at #2 double.… read more

Varsity defeated Mitty 6-1

The Varsity Girls did a great job beating Mitty 6-1 in non-league play.  

Amazing job by Mary Wang and Erica Liu at #3 doubles winning 6-3 more

JV defeated Mitty 7-0

The JV Girls tennis team overpowered Mitty winning 7-0 in a non-league match.

Three of the seven matches were won by shutouts, by Anushka Saran, Kary Wang, Alex Pavel, Priya Podar, and Soraya Miremadi.… read more

Varsity lose to Monta Vista 3-4

The Varsity Tennis team lost a close match 3-4 at home against Monta Vista.  

Great job by Zoe Clydesdale Eberle and Josie Yen the #1 and #2 singles players who continue to dominate their opponents,read more

JV defeated Monta Vista 7-0

The JV Girls tennis team put up another strong all around team effort and swept Monta Vista 7-0.

Helen Wang won the deciding match 6-2 6-0 at #2 single, while Asaka Higuchi took care of #1 singles winning 7-5 6-4.

Our current league record is 10 wins and one loss, and overall record 14-1.… read more

Varsity lose to Lynbrook 3-4

The varsity girls tennis team lost to Lynbrook in league play 3-4.  

Great job by Belinda Yan and Rachel Choy winning 6-4 6-4 at #2 more

JV team defeated Lynbrook 7-0

The JV Girls tennis team swept Lynbrook 7-0 with a strong team effort.

Helen Wang won by tie breaker at #1 singles to preserve the shutout.

Tiffany Yuan and Genevee Ho scored their own shutout by winning 6-0 6-0 at #2 doubles.… read more